Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reveal the power of Lavender!

Did you know that Lavender contains esters and aldehydes that help to regulate your moods? Also it is widely used by herbalists to treat depression. So if you are troubled by nervous tension, any kind of mood swing, or insomnia, choose Lavender to help you relieve naturally.
At Herbolution we use only certified organic Lavender to create our eco goodies.

Lavender sachet made from organic both organic cotton and lavender: 
Hang in your car, near bed for restful sleep, drawer or closet to repel moths and fresh natural Lavender fragrance and even toss in to your drier for fresh flowery scent and antibacterial properties. I love to carry one in my purse and inhale the aroma when I need a portion of relaxation.   

       Want to try something new for everyday cleansing of your face? Retire your soap with this more gentle, safer, milder and more friendly for your skin - Lavender cleansing grains. Suitable for all skin types, but the oily and acne prone one benefits the most.

 Sink your senses and unveil your dreams in Lavender explosion.
Add some fun to your bathing with this cute and natural sparkling bomb. Watch it in it's fizzy play while it disperse it's classy Lavender aroma to your nose and softness to your skin.

Aromatherapy effect of gorgeously smelling Lavender aroma will take your worries away, calms tired muscles and mind. Lavender is beneficial and helpful at high blood pressure, sunburns, sleeping troubles, and nervousness.

Wrap yourself in pure and soft aura of this silky, talc-free powder and feel how light and powerful at the same time the powder can be. Formulated with only natural ingredients this powder will absorb extra moisture and give a delicate delightful scent of unisex aroma of French Lavender.

Warming, balancing and not overpowering sweet notes encourage peace and ease the stress and depression. Made from organic Jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil.




Keyboard ergonomic Wrist Rest Support Pillow set 

Choose from the one with removable washable covers or without them. Both filled with organic flax seeds and Lavender buds. This lovely set is created to help you relax and your hands be happier while working on the computer.





Luvli Lavender Flower Water - facial toner and linen spray

So many uses to this simple and gorgeous flower water! Revitalizing and balancing toner for your face (for both men and women); delightful breeze from purple flowering fields of small Provence to your room, to use as carpet and air-refresher; fabulous addition to your and your baby bath tub to enjoy, relax and induce sleeping, you name it. With Lavender everything seems to a bit happier. The scent is suitable for both men and women.

Lavender Decorative Potpourri in a recycled purple jar 

Besides that the Lavender has delightful and relaxing aroma, this gorgeous item can accomplish any classy design and add luxurious touch to your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Filled with fragrant Organic Lavender buds and decorated with purple hemp cord, this jar will accompany any Victorian style decor. The purple glass jar is made from 40% recycled glass and has beautiful natural cork.

Lavender scented Thank you Card 

We designed and handcrafted this Organic card for real Lavender lovers: beautiful purple tones of flowering fields on a designer organic fabric with organic cotton lace embellishment and sprinkled with real lavender buds.


With Lavender everything seems easier.




SocksAndMittens said...

Oh, I love Lavender! What a wonderful product you have, I should try one! I especially love the potpourri & a bath bomb, looks sooo good!

lightkeeping said...

Your products are gorgeous:) I love the idea of lavender facial cleansing grains and the bath bomb should be fun. I am still on the way of converting to natural cosmetics tho. But one day I believe I will be choosing only natural options:)

Sasha and Veronika said...

Thank you, Tatiana and Anastasia! :)
It's never too late to step into world of natural beauty.

Arctida said...

Lavender is my most favorite herb! I use it in all my skin care products and my daughter's care products! I have it on my night stand and almost daily use it in aroma therapy! *I think we are on the same wave here :)*

Oh and I love the whole idea with "Lavender Decorative Potpourri in a recycled purple jar" I think I might just buy that one :) Cause one can never have too much of Lavender IMHO :)

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