Friday, July 1, 2011

"Following Organic Progress" - Organic industry is growing!... but...

Friday, July 1, 2011
We are starting a new series of posts called "Following Organic Progress" so check back for next posts in this series.
 It's been all over news some time ago that organic sales are rapidly growing and it's becoming a really profitable industry to start business in. All this is great news and it's very inspiring how it happened that really passionate and dedicated tiny group of people turned small organic movement to a mainstream scale.

Let's face it - it's all for good to all of us when we use no chemicals in agriculture, when our water is not polluted with toxic pesticides, when food is more nutritious and safe to eat, when farming is profitable and respected job again, when health is built with natural organic foods - not suppressed with synthetic pharmaceuticals and poisons.
So we all are going in the right direction! :)
But there's still a lot of work to do to make a significant change in world's agriculture practices. Here's a chart comparing total land cultivated for organic and conventional farming:

Total land cultivated for organic and conventional crops (year 2009 stats)
Ok, do you see the "Organically farmed" column? It's there! maybe not very standing out, not impressive but.., it's a good start and if it made it to this level, now it must go up very rapidly for sure.
So what's the point - this chart we created to have you all prepared and set up for hard work in promoting organic industry. We all are the ones who helped it to get to this point and must make this chart flipped the other way around in the future!..

...Stay tuned for next post about organic industry and motivational statistics that make a positive difference in life of people and environment.


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